Personal Payday Loans for Salaried Employees

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How can I get personal payday loan for salaried employees?

How can I get personal payday loan for salaried employees?

For those who are salaried employees, banking institutions in general already provide a pre-approved credit value. This amount varies between R $ 1 thousand and R $ 2,5 thousand.

And the client can request the release of this amount at any time, the money is quickly released into the account of the client and the value of the installments is automatically deducted from the bank account. And you can still use that money any way you want.

Not only do banking institutions work with this type of loan, but several financial institutions and Loan techs also make this option available to their clients.

Despite the ease and speed characteristics of this type of loan, you need to be aware of the high interest rates incident on it. These rates can vary considerably between institutions (fees range from 1.9% per month to 15.8% per month), so researching the best option is essential.

The fact that the client has a fixed job causes the interest rates applied on this type of loan to be similar to the payroll loan. And they are even more advantageous than the overdraft fees.

The loan application starts with a simulation of the amount of the installments based on the amount to be requested and the number of installments that you will make the payment. The limit varies according to the employee’s monthly income, and the installments, by law, can not exceed 30% of the income.

Getting a loan for salaried is easy and practical.


And what are the advantages of personal payday loan?

And what are the advantages of personal payday loan?

Among the main advantages is:

  • Little bureaucracy;
  • Money is quickly released into the bank account;
  • There is the possibility of contracting insurance for unemployment, health problems and disability;
  • If the client wishes, he can anticipate the installments;
  • There is no need to include home, car or any other good as collateral for payment;
  • Interest rates are better than overdrafts;
  • Payment terms of up to 48 months.


My name is negative, can I get the loan?

My name is negative, can I get the loan?

Since the bank has the guarantee of payment due the customer’s monthly income, they end up approving the loan even if the customer is denied the name.

The client may have some restrictions, such as the impossibility of negotiating interest rates and the number of installments, in addition to not delaying any of the installments. Banking institutions also have some extra requirements in these cases:

  • Work with a signed contract for at least one year;
  • Have a fixed residence;
  • Be with regular CPF with the Federal Revenue Service;
  • Have checking account in the bank.

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