Decorate your house by making a credit

You have decided to change interior decoration to please you or sell your property? Have you thought about consumer credit? Read

That’s it, you decided to change the decoration in your house to please you. Whether for indoor or outdoor, it must provide a budget. And sometimes to sell better, the decoration is needed. If you do not have the necessary money, know that you can opt for a credit works well suited to your project. It is advisable, however, to have a clear idea of ​​the decoration work to be done and by whom to carry it out.


What works to decorate his house?


The decoration mainly affects the aesthetics of the house. It is about improving or changing the style, colors, equipment and mood inside or outside the home. To begin, you have to know what you want to change. Inside, it can be:

  • the painting by touches of colors (bright, neutral …) in a room or on the side of a wall,
  • decorative objects (frame, vase …),
  • lighting (recessed spotlights, pendant lamps, articulated lamps …).

You can also change the furniture in the living room, which will cost you between 1000 and 5000 €. But often, the decoration requires great work and in this case, appealed to the accompaniment of a professional. His advice can be essential in the definition as in the implementation of the decoration. The fees of an architect fluctuate between 10 to 15% of the cost of the works.
To decorate the outside of the house, the contribution of a professional (landscapers …) may be essential. Even with a terrace or a balcony, you must know and be aware of any aesthetic rules of the city. While it is true that the choice of the performer of the works is a question of competence, knowledge or aptitude, the fact remains that it is decisive for the type of credit work to be chosen.


What credits works to finance the redecoration of his house?

What credits works to finance the redecoration of his house?

Lecrédit Travaux is a well-priced loan to finance the redecoration of a house, but it comes in the form of a personal loan and an assigned loan.

  • The personal deco work is a solution of choice when decorating your home. You use the funds available to you without any proof and you have the opportunity to buy the sofa, the HIFI channel, the TV, the lounge of your taste. The rate charged for this loan is higher, but you will be able to save labor costs. To benefit from a personal loan work, you must have an income and a stable professional situation, a controlled debt ratio and a good level of savings. Using a loan broker will help you get the best rates on the market
  • The deco work credit affected is a solution that requires the hiring of a professional. It is granted with the support of justifying documents such as an estimate of the work to be done, a contract for the purchase of equipment, invoices for the equipment required, etc. It’s a conditioned credit that can not be used for anything else. Eligible for this loan are tenants or owners of primary or secondary residence aspiring to decorate their homes. Consider hiring the services of a broker to find a credit-worthy work rate.


Some practical tips for your decoration


Before you decorate, you will need to sort through to get rid of anything that no longer serves you inside your home. Prepare large boxes to fill these temporarily unwanted items down to the cellar.
If you choose to do the decorating yourself, find out about the working hours authorized by the municipal authorities.
Sometimes to reinvent the space in a room, just change the location of the furniture, but if a total renewal tempts you the decorating credit is made to satisfy you.

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